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Pin Cushion ( Crafter's Companion Threaders ) Fabric

Hi again everyone....Ok, so here is the instructional on the Pin cushion that I talked about that is so fast and easy.

Material List:
Gemini Check out on HSN September 29th
Crafter's Companion Circle Nesting Dies Check out on HSN September 29th
Crafter's Companion Home Grown, Cottontail, Polka Dot fabric Check out on HSN September 29th
Crafter's Companion Construction Card Stock
Glass jar with screw off lids
Hot Glue and Glue Gun
Washi Tape

Items Made with the New Crafter's Companion Threaders items

Hi everyone, I want to give you a little update on some items I have been doing for Crafter's Companion Threaders Design Team.  First let me tell you about when the items will debut.  There is going to be two shows on HSN.  First show will be on September 29th and the second show will be on October 3rd, and from what I understand you will want to watch them both, because new items will be shown on both shows.  Make sure you go on Facebook and attend the Watch party at because Crafter's Companion will be holding contest and it is always great to win!  

Now lets get to some of the items.  I already showed you the Felt Lamp and the Quilt, if you have not had a chance to look at them take a peek. Now check these out:

Flower Lamp ( using Crafter's Companion felt and Dies )

Well welcome back everyone, I would like to share a lamp that I recently did with felt flowers, Crazy right?  I must say when I started this I was not exactly sure how it would turn our, but I am in LOVE with it.


Small Lamp with a shade
Threaders Metal Die Rose
Threaders Metal Die Daisy
Black Diamond Beads
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

To start send your dies and felt through the Gemini, now I have to be honest with you I did not count how many flowers I made, but I did do equal amounts of each.  After you are finished cutting sit back relax watch some TV and start rolling.  Put a little dab of glue on the bottom of each flowers to hold it together.  I also added the little black diamond after each flower was completed.  Once you have a good amount of flowers done you can start gluing the flowers to the lamp shade. 

Start to fill the shade with flowers.  Make sure they are touching on another.

You will be very happy when done.  Everyone who has seen the pictures say…

Circle Quilt ( Crafter's Companion Threader's Cotton Tail Fabric )


3 Fabrics about an 1/2 yard of each ( Threaders Cottontail Fabric )
White Fabric 1 1/2 yard of White for the back
1 yard of White for Fabric Framing
1 1/2 yards of Batting
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Matt
Threaders 6 metal circle Dies ( largest Circle )
Heat n Bond (lite) 17in x 2 yd 
Wash all your fabric

Iron all your fabric

Take fabric for the circle and iron on the Heat n Bond
Cut 30 of the Largest circles with the heat n bond on the back
Cut 30 7" White Squares

Take the Circle find the middles, take the white squares find the middles, iron the circles on the white squares.

Take all squares to the sewing machine and do a stitch around the circles, now you can do what ever stitch you want, I did a blanket stitch.

Lay out your circles in rows of 5, you will have 6 rows.

Sew your rows of circles together with a 1/4 seam allowance

Cut your framing fabric: cut 2, 4 inch strips for the top and bottom
Cut 2, 2inch strips for the sides.  Sew your sides on 1st then sew your top and bottom o…