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Card Making Day

Well, I used today to get some cards in.  I completed 3 cards and a Booklet today, most of which I used the new product that came in the box.  Remember watch HSN on July 11th for the crafting special and you can pick up some of these items.  Hope you enjoy, any questions let me know and Happy Crafting.....!

Crafter's Companion Box ( video )

Welcome everyone, I am back from Vacation and ready to craft. When I returned I had a Crafter's Companion Box waiting for me ( Happy Dance ).  I tried something new this time, did a video on the items so you can see.  These items will be on HSN on July 11th along with others, so if you like something you see please tune into HSN .  Please remember to order fast because I am sure we will have some sell outs ( as always ).  I will also be doing a couple of Blogs with the new items. 

Remember to watch HSN on July 11, 2017

Wonder Women Glitter Tumbler

Ok everyone taking a break from card making for a minute.  I started making a Glitter Tumbler with Wonder Woman on it and I love it.  I am using a 20oz tumbler along with glitter Red, Blue and Gold.  I will put a full list of items used below with pictures.   Now this was very fun to make but I have to tell you it took awhile.  Between glitter coats you have to wait a least an hour to dry and you will have to do two to three coat.  Then putting on Amazing Glaze you have to wait over night and it will take two coats, and after the 1st coat you will also need to do a wet sand.

 Now my great husband build me this with a grill rotisserie, I did not buy this, I just had this laying around the house.  After you add the Amazing Clear cast it is good to let it spin so the extra clear cast cab drop off and dry even.  Now you can let sit to dry but I have to say ( and yes I did this ) all the extra Clear cast will run to the bottom and be stuck to what ever it is sitting on.  Not fun!
Ok well …

Fathers Day

Hey everyone and welcome back.  Well, we all know that Father's Day is not that far away, so this weekend I took some time to start on a couple of Father's Day cards.  The following is the 1st one that is completed and it turned out pretty good. I am working on the photo put so that is why I have posted so many.  I love the way the photo turn out, but I have a problem picking which ones I like the best.  Making decisions is a problem I have always had.  I tried to stick to what you might think as colors for men, so with that in mind, I used black card stock as the main card then did layers with Cream, back to Black and green, I then put a cream section inside the card for a message to be hand written.  This is the 1st time I have used more the two layers and I really like it, will be doing this more in the future

The cogs is a stamp that I colored with Spectrum Noir markers and I fussy cut and frayed the edges with the scissors. I love the frayed look on this stamp because…

Like Sunshine to my Soul / Enjoy ever Moment / A little something Just for You

Hello and welcome back.  I would like to share a couple of cards I did today.  I used the  Crafters Companion items that I purchase on HSN  24 event back in May.  Just a little note Crafters Companion will be back on HSN in July, can't wait to see what new stuff they will be offering. 

 With the following card if you are new to card making this would be a great way for you to start.  The 1st layer with all of the flowers on it is a coloring page from the Spectrum Noir coloring kits from HSN.  The kit is a great deal and comes with the markers just color, add a sentiment and you have a card.  The set of sentiments came in the bundle with the 3D Embossing folders that I spoke about with the above card.  The markers are incredible and they are so juicy.

Now I did one more card that I am not tooooo Happy about and yes everyone has a finished product that they look at and say, hey you could have done better.  This is mine and I may not like it but others may like or even love it.  We…


I love this card.  Now I do need to tell you I did not do this alone, my granddaughter Bella helped out.  She loves to help and when I tell her she can help with making cards she is so excited.  On this card I let her do the Alcohol spray color on to the white water color paper.  I have to say she only likes doing the fun things.  She likes to stamp and spray color the rest is all up to nana, but I do have to say I love letting her help.  She is a crafter in the making. She is really trying to get to the sewing machines so I am sure that is in the near future. Thanks for stopping by as always any questions please let me know and Happy Crafting.