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Glitter Cups

Trying my hand at glitter tumblers today...Looks good so far.

Cards with Spectrum Noir Markers

The following are a couple of cards that I did using Spectrum Noir Markers. I love these Marker and how they blend.  They are Amazing.Spectrum Noir


This is a card that I did for a Baby Shower.  I have those cards that I make and just never want to give   Needless to say she LOVE the card.

Diaper Cakes

I did another diaper cake for my daughter's friend at work.   It turned out pretty good but I was never happy with it like all

New Craft Room

Well all the children moved out so I have inherited my new craft room which is much bigger than the old one and I am Loving it.  Everything is moved in and mostly everything is put together so at least I can Craft in between getting organized.  It is great to have everything out at one time.  I have all three sewing machines out, I do need a bigger desk but what I have works for now.  I have my heat press out and it has a place along with the vinyl.  I am in heaven, I am doing wine glasses, sewing a cricut cover, wood burning and signs all at the same time.  Now this could be a bad thing because of doing so many things at one time but we will see. Here are a couple of pictures of the new room. 

    Here is a couple of pictures of the Cover that I finished for my Cricut.

I will be sharing some pictures of the wine glasses soon and as always you can find most of my crafts on my Etsy.  Happy Crafting!


ok everyone...well I finally did it, opened an Etsy store and linked everything together.  With the help of my youngest son I think we have everything linked. So I have the new Etsy store, a new web site and of course the blog.  Still working on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, but I am getting there.....